“I feel as if the sessions gave my brain a jump start. I had been so consumed with worrying and thinking about everything and everyone else I forgot about what I needed for me. I had forgotten about what my dreams were. The session helped me remember my goals, dreams, and aspirations. The session helped put a lot of things in perspective as for what is important in my life. One of the other great benefits of the sessions was it helped me set goals with time limits and to hold myself accountable. I loved the calmness immediately felt by the warmth of Coach Titania. I also loved the Q&A piece of the sessions. It was one thing to be able to go deep within myself to answer some of the tougher questions, but to see how it all transformed at the end was amazing. The most exciting thing my session was meeting and connecting with Titania. Her passion and drive actually gave me fuel needed to start working hard on getting my own businesses off of the ground.”
— -Cheray Johnson

Happy Clients


"Thoroughly enjoyed the PA2 to CEO workshop! It was well organized, provided relevant and useful information. Titania was knowledgeable of the information she provided. what I liked most about the workshop was learning the steps it takes to become an entrepreneur! The workshop definitely increased my knowledge and understanding of business."

— Nia h.

"Titania facilitated part of the “Deliberate Success” event....Her innovative technique wowed the audience and influenced them to transform their mindset. I have heard more than 50 motivational speakers, either at orientations or leadership seminars. There is no doubt in my mind that Titania is one of the very best I have ever heard. Titania delivered a message of hope and compassion for our future self."

— Tonya Oxendine 

"Titania Huff is an outstanding Business Consultant and an Awesome speaker. I’ve had the pleasure of having her as a guest speaker for an event that was entitled “Real Women, Build to Connect.” Everyone including myself walked away feeling empowered and ready to move into the next of our own individual businesses. Titania, has great customer service skills and is very capable of educating and helping individuals move into destiny of purpose by helping them write the vision and branding their businesses. She brings a very strong ethic background of empowering and building with those she comes into contact with."-

— Tasha Robinson,Owner|

Paris Esthetics Skin Care

 "The PA2 to CEO workshop was great! Everything was well organized. It exceeded my expectations.  The workshop increased my knowledge and understanding of business. I learned relevant information and useful skills I can apply to my personal life. Titania was knowledgeable of the information provided and I left feeling empowered! Great Job Titania!"

— Anonymous feedback


"During the Boss Babes Brunch Tour stop in Atlanta, Titania was an incredible panel moderator. She kept the audience engaged as she asked relevant questions. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for someone to speak or moderate at your next event."  

— Jessica Alexander, The Possibility Strategist| Operation Evolve 

""I give the I AM... Affirmations of an Empowered Woman Seminar FIVE stars! I gained a lot of helpful information. What I enjoyed most about the event was learning how to secure my finances and hear other women encourage me. I left the event feeling Encouraged and unstoppable!"

— Carrie B 

"It was the first time I was at a seminar like that (I AM... Affirmations of an Empowered Woman Seminar) so the variety, the breaks, the food (which was SSSOOOOO good) was really a nice break. I even liked at the beginning how our host (Titania) played music which was so nice. I loved the various members of the panel which offered an array of advice on various subjects which kept it very interesting. The gift bags were such a treat. I had an amazing time. I was so blessed to be there and really appreciated the opportunity. I'm so glad God worked it out so I could go. Great time. Great success. Want more! Thank you, Titania!!"

— tre williams