Calling ALL Speakers!

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Become a SpeakerPro today!

Doors open and lives change when you use your voice to Speak! Share your expertise.

What is the speaker success network?

The Speaker Success Network is a powerful resource that provides and connects speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs wanting to empower, edu-tain and share their expertise with event planners and organizers to discover, review and book speakers for various opportunities.

Whether you have been speaking for two days or two decades the Speakers Success networks can connect you with unique opportunities that meet you where you are.

Becoming a “SpeakerPro ” is a great and extremely cost-effective way for you to market and promote your brand and connect with your core audience of potential new clients

Through L².I.F.T Live Events alone, there are several speaking opportunities that must be filled.

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Benefits of Membership:

1. Speakers are absolutely welcome and encouraged to sell from the stage when selected to speak

2. Featured Speaker receive exhibitors table at no additional fee to display products and services

3. Additional brand exposure onsite, via social media and/or email blasts

4. Complimentary tickets to event if featured speaker

5. Letter of Recommendation (upon request)

6. Discount on annual speakers retreat

7. Discounted exhibitors table if not featured speaker on other events

8. Virtual support via speakers social media community

9. Join us quarterly in Atlanta for speaker networking and local support

10. Recommendations and Referrals outside of L².I.F.T events and so much more!


Here’s how it works:

While we accept and review applications year round, Speaker Success Network memberships opportunities only open up twice a year for select, limited periods of time. Only members of the network are considered for the vase speaking opportunities available.

Step 1: Complete the speaker pre-interest form (if you have not done so within the last 3-months)

Step 2: Register and pay SpeakerPro membership fee (members have the option to pay on a monthly basis or save more than 20% with annual billing).

Step 3: Upon registration and initial payment we will schedule a phone interview to discuss opportunities and further steps as necessary

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