Starting over doesn’t have to be scary, lonely or hard to do when you have strategy and support!

Waiting to ExCel: Business Plans & Breakthroughs is a workshop for divorced and single women(men are welcome) seeking new beginnings, more self-sufficiency, support, and sisterhood.

This business plan development workshop is a step by step start-up one-day intensive. 

Waiting to ExCel: Business Plans & Breakthroughs


On March 23, 2019, I AM...Affirmations of an Empowered Woman Conference unites women entrepreneurs, business owners, decision-makers, and leaders. I AM...Affirmations of an Empowered Woman is more than just an event, it's a movement. The purpose of this movement is to build a network of support which helps to set the empowerment alarm for women entrepreneurs, help them dispel lies of self-doubt and take the limits off their dreams!

In addition to educational panel discussions, there are vast networking opportunities, break-out workshops which cover a variety of topics such as Marketing, Branding, and Sponsorship etc...Plus awards/scholarship, the Orange Carpet Experience!

Wallet Whippin' Workshops


Millionaire Mindshifting Masterclasses 

Packin' Purpose + Profit 

 What is this? Inside the Enterprise you discover An Awe-Inspiring supply of surefire sales strategies, barrier-breaking techniques, coin-catching scripts, tantalizing templates and trainings, proven to help you cash in on your services (and products), compelling customers/clients to securely swipe their credit cards and empower you to live in your Profit-Producing Purpose

Say goodbye to cubical claustrophobia! This is a webinar to help you create a plan and take ACTIONABLE steps to get out of the desk and into your destiny!

Discover How to Drown Your Doubts and Slay Your Dreams, while making money moves. 

  •  Do you have tons of ideas for business swimming around in your head but your doubts dig up doom?
  • Hoarding your gifts as a “harmless hobby” because you’re afraid of the disruption it’ll cause to your corrupt thoughts and comfort zone?
  • Your bank account frustrated with you struggling to make the right money moves for your business?
  • The problem is, you’ve got to elevate your stinkin’ thinkin’​


Feeling stuck?  ...Like you should be doing something more meaningful in your finishing that children's book you've been working on...starting that fashion blog, planning events? Like your greatness has yet to be unlocked. Does it feel like no matter what you're stuck in that office at that desk daydreaming about what you really want to be doing? If so, then you need an Exit Action Plan.  

Exit Action Plan: 5 Steps to turn your desk daydreams into reality 

She Manifests Success-Mixer is a highly engaging, highly interactive and intentional networking quarterly experience for women entrepreneurs to build solid connections. 

Our purpose is to develop a strong community base and support system of women-owned and operated businesses in an effort to break barriers and cultivate mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities. 


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