Not to mention you get:

Millionaire Mindset Masterclasses and

Wallet Whippin’ Workshops

Disrupt Your Standard and Discover Your Destiny when you get out of your own way.

(Slaughter Self-Doubt and Slay More Sales)

Packin’ Purpose: Stop letting fear paralyze you. You’ve got dope ideas, you should be catching-coins and a living the life you desire.

How to Fire Your Boss: Get the goods on the steps you need to transition from employee to entrepreneur. I’ll share my five-step formula and exact methods I used to cut the corporate chains and pink slip my boss.

Essentials of the Enterprise: One of the best resources HANDS-DOWN to Head-Up your service based business, NO MATTER what you do-including Speakers, Bloggers, Coaches, Consultants, Stylists, Authors, Event Planners and Creatives.

Get ready to headline on the main stage of your life with 17 MORE Millionaire Mindset Masterclass and Wallet Whippin’ Webinars: from “The Barrier Breaking Bulletin”, “Prosperity Principles” to “Sensational Sales Secrets” and the list goes on! This content is so HOTTTT, you have to slide Inside the Enterprise to experience it firsthand.


Saucy Scripts and Strategies

Never rack your brain again over the right words to say in that

next important meeting

or sales call

(Use my dividend-driven drafts to get it done)


Sales Strategy- Go from overwhelmed to overbooked as I walk you though selling the VALUE of your new program, event ticket or product.

E-mail Script
-Generate cash on demand with the script I used to close the deal 90% of the time!

Pricing Strategy- You run a business. The time, MONEY, and energy you use to run your BUSINESS should yield PROFITS not pennies. Use my tried and tested strategy and formula on charging your WORTH.

Everybody shares the “email template”, but what’s the use if you can’t get anyone to open it because your subject line sucks or you don’t know the right one to use or when. Watch your open rate and soar with over 100 sizzling hot subject lines, guaranteed to work, IF you work them.

PLUS 16 MoreSales and Emails snuggled safely Inside the Saucy Scripts and Strategies Jar. This content is so HOTTT, you’ve got to slide Inside the Enterprise just to experience it firsthand.


Bonafide Bankroll Hacks

Gain More Exposure and Income From Aww-Worthy Templates.

(Mind-numbing Money Moves Be GONE for good)

Six-figure Sales Proposals: Get access to proposals that have made my clients jump-for-joy and collect over 100 thousand dollars

Serve, Sell and SOAR: In that order. Haven’t you heard?! Always Be Closing is old. It’s all about SERVING. When you meet your customers’/clients’ needs, you’re destined to succeed.

A Pipeline Template that Converts more than 50%:
Easy-Breezy to follow templates that’ll turn your prospects into paying partners and your PayPal praise break.

PLUS 7 MORE Bonafide Bankroll Hacks so HOTTT you’ll have to slide Inside the Enterprise just to experience it firsthand.


Thrills and Jaw-dropping Reveals

Get the tea and feast your eyes on Never-Before-Seen guides and Trainings


The Goal-Getter’s Guide and Glossary and Dream Activation Affirmations. PLUS Living the Limitless Life and 7 MORE AHA-Worthy Thrills and Jaw-dropping Reveals so HOTTT you’ve got to slide Inside the Enterprise just to experience it firsthand.

Join the Goal-Getter's Waitlist! Registration re-opens soon!

 7 Best Plus Bonus Reasons

Join the Goal-Getter's Waitlist! Registration Re-opens Soon!


"I feel as if the sessions gave my brain a jump start. I had been so consumed with worrying and thinking about everything and everyone else I forgot about what I needed for me. I had forgot about what my dreams were. The session helped me remember my goals, dreams and aspirations. The session helped put a lot of things in perspective as for what is important in my life. One of the other great benefits of the sessions was it helped me set goals with time limits and to hold myself accountable. I loved the calmness immediately felt by the warmth of Coach Titania. I also loved the Q&A piece of the sessions. It was one thing to be able to go deep within myself to answer some of the tougher questions, but to see how it all transformed at the end was amazing. The most exciting thing my session was meeting and connecting with Titania. Her passion and drive actually gave me fuel needed to start working hard on getting my own businesses off of the ground."   

-C. Johnson

" It was the first time I was at a seminar like that (I AM... Affirmations of an Empowered Woman Seminar) so the variety, the breaks, the food (which was SSSOOOOO good) was really a nice break. I even liked at the beginning how our host (Titania) played music which was so nice. I loved the various members of the panel which
offeredand array of advice on various subjects which kept it very interesting. The gift bags were such a treat. I had an amazing time. I was so blessed to be there and really appreciated the opportunity. I'm so glad God worked it out so I could go. Great time. Great success. Want more! Thank you

-Tre Williams 

"Thoroughly enjoyed the PA2 to CEO workshop! It was well organized, provided relevant and useful information. Titania was knowledgeable of the information she provided. what I liked most about the workshop was learning the steps it takes to become an entrepreneur! The workshop definitely increased my knowledge and understanding of business."    -Nia H.

"I give the I AM... Affirmations of an Empowered Woman Seminar FIVE stars! I gained a lot of helpful information. What I enjoyed most about the event was learning how to secure my finances and hear other women encourage me. I left the event feeling Encouraged and unstoppable!"     -Carrie B. 

Inside the Enterprise

An Awe-Inspiring supply of surefire sales strategies, barrier breaking techniques, coin-catching scripts, tantalizing templates and trainings, proven to help you cash in on your services (and products), compelling customers/clients to securely swipe their credit cards and empower you to live in your Profit-Producing Purpose.

Can I cancel my membership?

While I’d loveto have you stay and collect these barrier-breaking benefits and profit-producing perks, foreva, eva and evaeva, if you find that you’re not in absolute business bliss with the content, you’re welcome to cancel at any time.


Where do you get the tantalizing topics
Masterclasses and other content?

The short answer is, it’s all you. I create content that best meets your needs, based on your suggestions and special requests. So just give me a quick shout when you need some new self-confidence, cash-boosting content.


Why is the price so LOW?

Oh, that’s easy. Because I WANT YOU TO WIN. PERIOD!


How do I gain access to you?

You can reach out via e-mail, LIVE during monthly masterclasses and premium members can take advantage of my extended business hours.


Why should I enroll right now can’t I just wait until later?

You’ve procrastinated long enough. How’s that worked so far? Don’t you think it’s time to FINALLY, put you first?! It’s time your dreams propose to your and you meet at the altar and marry your purpose. You’ve gone as far as you can go on your own, you need a solid support system, a trusted tribe and most importantly, accountability.  


Wondering if you have what it takes to run (and maintain) a business

Questioning whether or not what you have to offer is VALUABLE

Hoping and praying for people to invest in your products and services

UNDERESTIMATING the value of your product and service offerings

Questioning the VALUE of INVESTING in YOURSELF

Agonizing over how to pay a high-ticket coach for the services you need to build and grow

Floating in the wind trying to figure it all out, ALONE

Stressing out about when or if your passion + purpose will produce profits
Sacrifice family, sleep and sanity


Instant and UNLIMITED access to 40 PLUS pieces of content 

New coin-catching content each month

One captivating new LIVE masterclass each and every single month


Enrollment includes Community and Accountability, given the daily connections you can look forward to activate your membership and enjoy 20% off of premium courses for the life of your membership as long as you remain an active member.


A chance to request a complimentary review of your business plan or proposal of your choice and get tips on making the best money moves



Inside the   Enterprise

More Lingering Doubts and Fears?

Let’s put those to bed, ret NOW!

Join the Goal-Getter's Waitlist! Registration Re-opens Soon!

Meet the Empress of Enterprise  

So, here’s a Sneak Peek at What You’ll

Uncover Inside the Enterprise:

The Goal-Getter’s Guide to Self-Discovering-Dreaming-Slaying Sources That Propel You to Your Profit-Producing Purpose and Build a Boomin’ Business


to Slide Inside the Enterprise

If that’s not enough,

here are the...

Slide Inside the Enterprise where all of that is delivered to you on a silver platter. No more procrastinating, no more excuses. If you’re truly ready to elevate your brain, business and bank account, the time is now.

“Surround yourself around only people who are going to lift you higher” -Oprah Winfrey

​​Now, before you fall to your knees and pray for the answer to starting (and sustaining) a profitable business, take a 20 second praise break because the source has qualified me a resource and the answer is humin comin’ at ya…All you have to do is slide…

Hey Love! I’m Titania Huff, Empress of Enterprise, Dream-Hater-Slayer and Growth Strategist. I turn Excuse-Makers into Dream-Slayers, Procrastinators into Action-Takers and Mass Develop Money-Makers.

I use my millionaire mind-lab, masters degree, coaching certification and more than a decade of sales and marketing to relay the resources that have raked in results, revenue and score six-figure sales for entrepreneurs, small business owners and some of the most prestigious companies in the country.

And Inside the Enterprise, I’ll reveal how you too can use your passion and purpose to produce profits.

​​Starting a Profitable Business Just Got Easier…

Before I drop nuggets and give you the inside scoop, let’s have some real talk:

Truth be told…

You’ve got tons of great ideas swimming around in your head but you just don’t know what to do with them.

Of course, you’ve got some amazing gifts and plenty of talent

You even “took the leap of faith” and started that business. WOOT! WOOT!...

but Womp. Womp. You’re still unsure of yourself and your profits ain’t peaking the way you think they should…So what, now?!

You see, I’m no mind wizard but here’s what I do know:

You’ve got to be confident in your abilities and effectively plan for your passion and really know your purpose to produce profits.

And that’s the problem.
Let me break it down some more, you’ve been speaking affirmations and working the Facebook and networking hustle…

Yes, I Can!...and YOU CAN!

Free event planning, for experience…experience is necessary

Nice to meet you, here’s my business card…which is good

Check out my “whatchamacallit” sale

Got me a business coach…

You’ve figured out what to do. But you’re not really sure HOW to do it...strategically WRITE and IMPLEMENT a plan that will allow you to CONFIDENTLY discover your purpose, consistently slay your dreams and DELIVER already amazing products and services to and peak your profits.

But without those critical components, every idea, marketing effort, promotional sales push and branding boost will be a bust. Your dream, will remain just that, a dream. You’ll experience failure to launch (or SOAR).