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It's time to serve self-doubt with a shot of See-I-did-it!

Kick up your confidence and work your worth

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Helping sophisticated women find their voices, reach higher heights in leadership and build thriving businesses! 

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We enable entrepreneurs and small business owners to establish a strong foundation in business start-up and
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Are you struggling to find your purpose? Are you a divorced, single woman or entrepreneur seeking new beginnings, more self-sufficiency, support, and sisterhood?  Stop Waiting to Excel!

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Waiting to ExCel: Business Plans & Breakthroughs is a workshop for divorced and single women(men are welcome) seeking new beginnings, more self-sufficiency, support, and sisterhood.

Starting over doesn’t have to be scary, lonely or hard to do when you have strategy and support!

This workshop will be a step by step start-up intensive

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​You've challenged yourself and gone as far as you can go alone...

Now you just need a little strategic-nudge, a level-up-budge